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I was happy to take ms Lakshmi s assistance for a good diet plan and it helped so well that I am very comfortable following it ! I would recommend her to all those who seek to reduce weight !
Visited Dr. Lakshmi few months back for my diet counselling. I had a very bad diet plan due to my busy schedule in work . But after meeting her, she has changed my entire diet plan according to my work schedule . After following the diet regularly , I have seen excellent results. Reduced my weight around 5 kg in a month, reduced my waist size. Recently, I recommended my friends too. I am happy that I have met her.
K Raja Shekar
I always thought I ate healthy but that was untill I met tejaswi. She has a solution for every health related issue, let it be weight loss, sleep loss or mood loss as well. She brought an incredible transformation for my body with proper diet guidance. I lost 3 kgs in 10 days. It's not those weird diets that increase your cravings and starve you to Hogg after the dieting days. She has it all planned keeping our likes and dislikes in mind. She checks us on watsapp asking you if you did it right today. Now that's what is required for people like me and tejaswi knows how to do it.
G. vaidehi
The first thing that struck me after a few minutes of having a conversation with her was that the Dr lakshmi tejasvi was well versed in her job as a nutritionist .She was friendly and heard you out patiently. Coming to the treatment ..a very to the point ..easy ..simple Indian diet was given and it really worked for me .Removed all the unhealthy food that was affecting the functioning of my gut.and weight loss happened . And she keeps regular checks through watsapp ..and attends to calls incase you want to consult her over the phone. Thank you doc.
Sumita Ghosh
I considered Lakshmi for Detox and she recommended good and simple diet plans and helped timely eating schedule. Firstly, a cheerful and well spoken lady who genuinely wants to help people out. She listens to everything we tell carefully with patience. I can certainly tell with her help of her diet plan and portioning the food quantities, providing time suggestions For breakfast, lunch and dinner it has really helped me feel lighter, reduced acidity and heartburn as well as lessen my fat percentage. It has finally got me used to better food habits. Strongly recommend Lakshmi.
Phani S
Visited Dr. Lakshmi few months back for sports related nutriton..Ma'am was extremely friendly.My body fat percentage (which was around 20%), reduced to 13% and simutaneous the muscle mass increased. i felt more light and energetic than before .There was major changes in my performance as well as in my life style.Very patient and understanding . Made my diet easy and fun to follow keeping in mind all the my likes and dislikes.She keeps on checking on your routine. The right person for guidance.
Dr Laxmi is really kind with her patients and really effective diet plan she has given me. Totally recommend her!!!
Being a patient of Dr. Lakshmi has been through and through a pleasure. Her holistic approach to nutrition makes the process accessible and realistic, which makes looking after one’s diet and well being enjoyable.
She understands from patient point of view ,when ever modifications is done, she makes sure the results are being in progress are not .even though we do many things,we miss some things where we need proper guidance which had given me results
Lakshmi ravuri

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