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I am Lakshmi Tejasvi

Coming from a family that considers themselves ‘foodies’, food habits and healthy eating is an interest that has dominated most of my life. This has also influenced the direction I took in my further education. I was able to practically apply what I learned during my time as a student of BSc in Nutrition.

Nature has designed colorful foods to be nutrient-rich and nourishing to our bodies. VIBGYOR, which represents the colors of the rainbow, when applied to nutrition is popularly known as the ‘rainbow diet’. When followed, the rainbow diet is proven to have anti-inflammatory and immune-building benefits, provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals, promote overall wellbeing and increase longevity. Fill your plate with color and benefit from the rainbow!

Our Services ...

Sports Nutrition

Is any type of food or meal good enough to keep you going in sports? Not exactly! Taking into account the principles of nutrition is essential inplanning a meal that supplies calories, protein, fats and micronutrients in the right proportions to improve performance, gainstrength, minimalize injuires and aid in recovery. VIBGYOR Nutri’s certified nutritionists can help you …

Clinical Nutrition

For senior citizens, old age is vulnerable stage in life, with restricted physical activity and compromised digestion. Special guidance is necessary to provide balanced, wholesome meals for seniors which can be consumed with minimal discomfort and are easy to prepare. Customized nutrition to fit age requirements along with the required medical prescriptions can help make this phase of life smoother and more enjoyable.

Weight Loss

People are becoming more and more aware of the need for a healthier lifestyle, and weight loss has become the subject of focus. Consuming foods high in fats is not the only cause of being overweight or obese, nutrients like carbohydrates too have a role to play in this problem. Medical conditions like thyroid malfunction, PCOS or diabetes are secondary reasons for being overweight … 


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I like the way the diet chart is customized to suit my daily energy needs simultaneously reducing weight. It worked like a charm.
Sree Charan Aradhyula

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