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Sports nutrition

Is any type of food or meal good enough to keep you going in sports? Not exactly! Taking into account the principles of nutrition is essential in planning a meal that supplies calories, protein, fats and micronutrients in the right proportions to improve performance, gainstrength, minimalize injuires and aid in recovery. VIBGYOR NUTRI’s certified nutritionists can help you learn about the foods that can supply your body with the right nutrients, fuel your performance in sports and beat muscle soreness.

Clinical Nutrition​

In addition to medical therapy, treatment of conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, high cholesterol, and renal (kidney) related issues,requires intervention on the nutritional front as well in order to prove effective.As a result of these conditions, the body becomes deficient in certain nutrients, which can impede recovery. Supplementing with nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, while replenishing levels that are deficient,is the best approach to healing and achieving optimal health.

Guidelines must be put in place to help in making correct dietary choicesfor a client’s health condition.This includes food and nutrient restrictions while treating certain medical conditions or taking medications. Each case is uniqueand requirescareful monitoring in thetypeand quantities of foods, as well as correct meal timings to encourage the normal function of organs and hormones.

VIBGYOR Nutri has comprehensive knowledge on the medicinal properties of foods that can benefit you in your daily life

Weight loss

People are becoming more and more aware of the need for a healthier lifestyle, and weight loss has become the subject of focus. Consuming foods high in fats is not the only cause of being overweight or obese, nutrients like carbohydrates too have a role to play in this problem. Medical conditions like thyroid malfunction, PCOS or diabetes are secondary reasons for being overweight. Controlling these conditions with diet is extremely important while on a weight-loss plan.A balanced intake of carbohydrate, protein and good fats will help in healthy weight-loss and a fitter you.

Weight gain

While weight loss is a goal for many, gaining weight might be just as important. There is a common misconception that being underweight is desirable – on the contrary, it is as harmful as being overweight. For each individual, whether adult or child, there exists an ideal weight for their age and height.VIBGYOR NUTRI can show you how to achieve your ideal weight, with customized meal plans containing the right balance of calories, protein, fats and essential micronutrients to nourish your body.

Pediatric Nutrition

Childhood is perhaps the most exciting and challenging period of human development; marked by tremendous physiological, psychological and cognitive transformation. A balanced diet supplying adequate nutrients is crucial to helping a child mature into a healthy adult.

Energy requirements of a child are almost double that of an adult per kilogram of body weight.This is to meet their high basal metabolic rate, coupled with intense physical activity and the extra needed for growth.

Children’s meals should be provided in a timely manner and account for their unique nutritional requirements,while catering to their likes and dislikes. While children need some amount of coaxing to eat their meals, they must never be force-fed and dishes should be prepared not just to taste good, but to look appealing as well.

Geriatric nutrition

For senior citizens, old age is vulnerable stage in life, with restricted physical activity and compromised digestion. Special guidance is necessary to provide balanced, wholesome meals for seniors which can be consumed with minimal discomfort and are easy to prepare. Customized nutrition to fit age requirements along with the required medical prescriptions can help make this phase of life smoother and more enjoyable.

Holistic Nutrition

A beautiful exterior does not automatically imply robust inner health. Building a healthy you from the inside out isof the utmost importance. This can only be achieved when the required calories, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are taken in the correct proportions, at the right time. VIBGYOR NUTRI rejects the ‘one size fits all’ approach– based on age, each stage of life has its own uniquenutritional requirements. Follow our guidelines to nourish your body with wholesome nutrition and live a holistic life.


Cleansing your body from within can provide a much-needed jumpstart for an active life and healthier you. A short period of detoxification can eliminate and neutralize toxins present in the body. This requires a special diet–eliminating all processed foods,and an emphasis onincreasing the consumption of antioxidant and vitamin-rich foods. The result? Improved digestion, absorption, prevention of chronic diseases, glowing skin and regular bowel movements.

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