' About Me '

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' I am Lakshmi Tejasvi '

Coming from a family that considers themselves ‘foodies’, food habits and healthy eating is an interest that has dominated most of my life. This has also influenced the direction I took in my further education. I was able to practically apply what I learned during my time as a student of BSc in Nutrition; and I saw a remarkable transformation in myself, not just physically, but mentally as well. Thus began a life-long passion for health and nutrition, and a desire to bring to others’ lives the same transformation that changed mine. This has been the driving force behind my endeavor to constantly learn and improve my skillset.

My quest to go deeper into the subject and the yearning to discover my life’s true calling led me to move into the field of clinical nutrition for my masters degree upon the completion of my batchlor degree. My daily study of the subject also helped me recognizethe vital importance of our blood parameters and levels of various hormones and vitamins, and how they impact our overall health and wellbeing. My deep understanding of the differences in culture, food habits and eating patterns of people living in different cities across India and Europe has been a huge asset to my work as a nutritionist. I am able to effectively implement this knowledge in developing treatment plans for my clients that are holistic and customized; targeting conditions like diabetes, renal issues, cholesterol or blood pressure, as well as goals such as weight loss or gain. Additionally, I am qualified and have extensive experience in developing nutritional plans for children and athletes.

I hope to share with you the wealth of knowledge I have acquired on my journey, and help you in your own quest of being your best self.

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